A world of hard rules incurs fixation on what things should be and limits our opportunity to experience an unrestricted journey of life. The artistic essence of this wine began in the soil of our vineyards. With the utmost care and the vigilance of wisdom we have devoted years to the virtuosity of this wine.

Unrestricted is a premium brand released by Mackinaw Trail Winery only in vintages considered sufficient quality to suit the label. In an effort to maintain strict quality control, every part of the process from grape to bottle is vigilantly maintained by our head of production; Dustin Stabile. The process begins in carefully selected vineyards, cropped low to ensure proper ripeness and concentration in each grape cluster. Fruit is handpicked and sorted. Each satisfactory batch selected is fermented carefully in temperature controlled stainless tanks or oak vats, where a variety of winemaking techniques enhance the product depending on the end goal. All barrels used are chosen based on region, grain, and toast level, all of which contribute to the delicate integration of tannin structure and phenolic components. Each barrel is carefully sampled and determined in the final blend which results in a complex yield of many characteristics. Unrestricted exemplifies everything Michigan wines strive to be.

Unrestricted 2014 Sur Lees Barrel Reserve Chardonnay (Lake Michigan Shore AVA)                             85 WWC, 84 WE* 

Sur Lees, meaning “on the lees”, is an old world method where the spent yeast at the bottom of the tank is stirred back into the wine periodically. This helps add mouth feel and body to the wine and contributes earthy aromas. After spending 10 months in brand new Russian oak barrels, this slightly acidic Chardonnay was ready to blend. Apricot, lemons, and petrichor jump out of the glass, while a full body and rich oakiness coat the tongue. This wine is served at room temperature to maintain its natural aromatic profile.

Unrestricted 2015 Pinot Gris (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) 

Pinot Gris is classically a full bodied white wine, much in the capacity of its sister, Pinot Noir. This wine embodies that philosophy, with grapefruit and mango notes that lead into a lingering mouth feel and supporting bright acidity.

Unrestricted 2015 Crowd Sourced Riesling (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) 

This wine was created for you, by you. As Michigan’s first foray into crowd-sourced winemaking, a new method of uniting the consumer and producer in perfect harmony. This Riesling was created through months of online interaction. Your decisions have guided this wine into its full potential, resulting in your masterpiece. Enjoy this Medium-Dry wine, sweetened by its own fruit, and the lingering viscosity as a result.

Unrestricted 2013 Cuvèe No. 7 (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) 90 WWC, 87 WE, 2x Gold IN* 

Utilizing three of the Bordeaux region of France’s ‘royal’ grapes, Cuvèe No. 7 is a unique twist on a French classic. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot unite to lend strength and subtlety to each other. For twenty-six months these wines spent time in French and Hungarian oak and were skillfully blended by our winemakers. Expect blackberry, plum, and beech wood noses with a sly tannic backbone.

Unrestricted 2013 Passito Cabernet Franc (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) 91 WWC, 87 WE* 

Using the old world Italian style of ” Appassimento”, this Michigan Cabernet Franc was further ripened off the vine on massive fan beds. This week of drying time concentrated flavors and allowed the berries to reach complete ripeness and sugar content before maceration. Reaching full maturity, these grapes have bold tannins and an effervescent nose. Spending twenty-six months in mostly neutral barrels allowed this wine to reach new heights of complexity before entering the bottle.

Unrestricted 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) Gold IN*

Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to Michigan Cabernet. This wine had potential from the jump start, with an exclamation from the winemaker post-fermentation: “this will be the best wine of the vintage”. After 32 months in French and Hungarian Oak, that promise has rang true. Six carefully selected barrels made the ‘reserve’ cut, resulting in complex and mouth-drying tannins, with exceptional balance and a lingering finish. A nose of elderflower and rose give way to red fruit undertones.

Unrestricted 2012 Syrah (Lake Michigan Shore AVA) 93 WWC, 87 WE* 

2012 was a standout year for Michigan Vinifera reds. With each acre cropped low, these grapes came in beautifully ripe and deep purple. An extended maceration paired with juice reduction deepened the color and tannic concentration of this wine from the get go. Spending nearly two unfiltered years in 50% new Saury Medium toast French Oak helped this spicy Syrah develop beautiful vanilla complexity. Black pepper and a tannin kick have turned this Syrah into a true masterpiece.


*WWC = World Wine Championship, WE = Wine Enthusiast, IN = Indy International


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