Crowd Sourced Riesling

SynergyMackinaw Trail Winery, partnering with Michigan By The Bottle, is excited to bring you Michigan’s very first crowd sourced wine!

Each week a new question will be asked which dictates the direction our crowd-sourced Riesling will be going. YOU the consumer will get to choose how your Riesling is made! Choose one answer each week to help curate the wine. Decisions which may slightly increase the end bottle cost of the wine will be indicated with a ‘$’ sign.


MTW Crowdsourced Riesling Press Release

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See the results from each week or take the current weeks survey below:



Week 1 8/24-8/29: Hand Picked vs Machine Picked Closed

Week 1 Results

Hand picked ($): 64% 

Week 2 8/31-9/5: What style (sweetness) should this Riesling be? Closed

Week 2 Results

Medium Dry: 40.83%

Week 3 9/7/15-9/12/15: Which strain of yeast should be used? Closed

Week 3 Results

Vin13, Cross Evolution, 58w3: All within 10%

Week 4 9/14/15-9/20/15: How should we press this years Riesling? Closed.

Week 4 Results

De-stem and crush: 56%

Week 5 11/24/15 – 12/4/15: Should we perform a secondary (malolactic) fermentation? Closed.

Week 5 Results

No: 79%

Week 6 12/5/15 – 12/22/15: Should we use screw cap or cork closure? Closed.

Week 6 Results

Screw Cap: 66%

Week 7 12/22/15: What bottle style should we use? What color? Closed.

Week 7 Results

Bottle Style: W82, 47%

Color: Blue, 45%