Mackinaw Trail Winery, located in Petoskey Michigan, is dedicated to producing wines that best express the distinct personality of each grape varietal. Established by owners Ralph and Laurie Stabile in 2004, Mackinaw Trail is focused on producing the best quality wine from grapes that are grown right here in the state of Michigan. A small collection of fruit wines complements its award winning viniferous wine portfolio.

The process of selecting a site to produce world class wines is of paramount importance. Every aspect of a vineyard must meet our exact standards, including the soil, rootstock, clonal selection, exposure and farming practices. Our viticulture team farms with precision, based on what is required for each site to achieve the purest expression of its place. The process reveals how vineyards that are in some cases less than one mile apart and growing the same varietal, may produce wines of remarkably different character.

Unrestricted is the ultimate achievement in winemaking produced by Mackinaw Trail Winery. Only in vintages considered sufficient quality to suit the label. In an effort to maintain strict quality control, every part of the process from grape to bottle is vigilantly maintained by our head of production; Dustin Stabile. The process begins in carefully selected vineyards, cropped low to ensure proper ripeness and concentration in each grape cluster. Fruit is handpicked and sorted. Each satisfactory batch selected is fermented carefully in temperature controlled stainless tanks or oak vats, where a variety of winemaking techniques enhance the product depending on the end goal. All barrels used are chosen based on region, grain, and toast level, all of which contribute to the delicate integration of tannin structure and phenolic components. Each barrel is carefully sampled and determined in the final blend which results in a complex yield of many characteristics. Unrestricted exemplifies everything Michigan wines strive to be.